Reciprocity as The Legacy For Business.

As we enter into a new model of sustainable business, Sacred Reciprocity becomes a Core Focus and Practice through which to align our Mission Statement. What are we directing our focus, money and energy towards? How will this sustain ourselves, our family, our community and our environment as an interconnected whole? As we realise that the narcissism of Ego-centric economies have depleted the Feminine around and within us, we are being invited to bring through an Eco-centric Economy that is sustainable, prosperous and dynamic. What is the Business of creating a vital Legacy for our grand-children’s future? Business can no longer be focussed on generating profit as the primary outcome for private excess. Within the shifting Consciousness that is our world today,  we are being asked to pioneer what Sustainable Business is, through the Heart. 

Sustainable Business looks after everything it touches, from its conception to its waste products. Every life involved in the harvesting, production, manufacture, management, delivery and consumption of the core business, is aligned in optimal health, vitality and wellbeing. If any aspect of this is not in optimum health, we create a depleted system. The systemic depletion from Big Business within the current capitalistic models of economic structures are creating extremely dangerous Oligarchs with too much money and power. We all end up becoming slaves to them as they hold everything for consumption and create addicted neurosis as our Cultural program.

What are we feeding? What are we pouring our time, energy and money into? How much anxiety is this creating for ourselves, our family, our children and our environment?

When we understand that we have been conditioned over the past 2000 years to hand our power over to the richest man in the room, we can begin to compassionately reframe ourself into something new. We begin by reframing our focus from convenience to sustainability, from anxiety to health. When organic systems are under extreme stress, they produce toxins and pathogens that become disease. As our organic systems become more stressed and under pressure, so do we become more stressed and under pressure. Everything within our environment becomes depleted and begins to collapse under the strain. We can see this within our home environments when work pressures become to strained. When there is not enough nurturance and love within our relationships and environment, life begins to glitch around us, our children and partners play up, equipment begins to break and stress levels blow out. Extreme levels always result in an accident or health crisis. We are in a global health crisis right now.

How do we reframe into Health, Vitality and Sustainability?

  1. Focus on Love.

Asking the question of “what would Love choose now?” will always gift you the truest answer to be tending to directly. If we are not loving what we are doing, we are giving our power over to something outside of ourselves that is depleting our resources. They are certainly making money from our depletion.  Am I feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Are my children feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Is my partner feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Are my parents feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Is my business feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Are my staff feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? Is my Land feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved? If my life was an expression of Love, what would it feel like? What would it look like? How would it flow? How do you become sustainably connected? 

  1. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

Sustainable Business focusses on keeping processes simple, efficient and clear. As soon as things become complicated, systems will become stressed. Life is fundamentally Elemental. Joyfulness and Beauty is the Key! 

  1. Small is Beautiful

Keeping Business small, effective, simple and efficient is a very new concept to be aiming towards. We have become conditioned and addicted to “Grand Gestures”, “Bigger, Better, Best” and “All or Nothing” as the mantras for success. Expectations of 24/7 availability and Global dominance is outdated and outmoded and not sustainable. It is deeply exhausting on every level for both the business and the consumer. Remember how you flow Naturally, focussed.

Small is beautiful. Small is sustainable. Small is delightful. Small is honouring. Small is careful. Small is graceful. Small is vital. Small is balanced. Small is healthy. 

  1. Centring Power Within.

When we understand that we are the Power of our Life, we can begin to honour the precious resource we are. We can begin to create boundaries that will no longer tolerate abuse on any level. We begin to Vision ourselves anew. As we become embodied and empowered, we begin to choose a new resonance for our living relationship within ourselves and our environment. We become Quantum in our Consciousness. So within, so about! We Create our Reality.

  1. Elemental Connection.

As we begin to understand that the most Sustainable Connection lies within our Elements. Our Culture is 4000years old. Elemental Connection belongs to Deep Time. Our Elements are 3 billion years old and are still available to us, uncontaminated. We are doing our very best to contaminate them. Luckily they are stronger and more powerful than our ego story. I choose to connect into Ancient Primordial Elemental Wisdom rather than the stories we have all become so addicted to that are empty in nature. As soon as we begin to Connect into Nature, we relax, become joyful, inspired, vital, re-energised, Remembering. As soon as we plug into technology, we become anxious, depleted, lethargic and distracted. Which would you rather choose? Sitting at my daily fire each evening during Winter becomes my Allie for Illumination, Transformation, Protection and Discernment. It glows warmth and is deeply soothing. I Remember Who I am. As I feed the Fire, the Fire feeds me with an Ancient Primordial Power that strengthens my nervous system and clarifies my mind.

  1. Daily Sacred Reciprocity.

What we feed, we grow. What we consume, we become. Where we place our focus, is what our Power grows. What are you  and your business Feeding and Consuming? What are your Relationships Feeding and Consuming? What are your Children Feeding and Consuming? May it be Time to Reframe our focus? Can we begin to feed Love, Compassion, Beauty, Health, Kindness, Carefulness, Truth, Wisdom and Elemental Connection? Can we Thrive in our Elemental Connection through our Heart Consciousness? Can we create a Legacy that our next 7 Generations respect, honour and thrive within? Can we choose a Sustainable Present, that may become a Sustainable and Healthy Future.

We are the Legacy of our Ancestors. Can we become the Legacy of Embodied Health and Empowered Beauty. We certainly have the Privilege and the Power to Choose and to Create this.