WOMBLORE welcomes you back to to the Original Feminine and the Power of your Sacred Waters. The Power of Belonging resides within the Health of your Womb, your Heart and the Mystery of your Sacred Blood.

The Yoni Matrix, Lunar Wisdom, Path of Yumm and the Blood Mysteries are Sacred Feminine PathWays designed by Luna to Welcome you home to your Sacred Essence. Remembering your natural rhythms and cycles connected to the Power of the Moon and the Water Dreaming, supports an Empowered Embodiment of Ancient Archetypes as your BirthRite of Belonging to the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, alive and well. These Sacred Online Journeys will be available from Luna's SacredApp.

(10 week Sacred Journey)

The Yoni Matrix honours the 10 Sacred Feminine Archetypes of the Womb that all women evolve through as their experience of life from Birth to Death.  Evolving from Conception-Childhood-Virgin-Syberite-Mother-Diviner-Sovereign-Elder-BoneMother-Ancestor the Cycles of the Womb Hold a Lore of Belonging that Welcome All Women Home to. Creating a Sacred Space to Honour, Heal and Embody each Sacred Feminine Archetype supports a dynamic and healthy Relationship to Belonging in the Cyclical Body of Woman.

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( 5 week Sacred Journey)

Understanding LuminoGaia Connected Time through the natural Cycles and Rhythms of your Nature allows you to begin to create a natural flow of Connected Time. As you Connect with Seasonal, Elemental, Lunar, Solar and Galactic Cycles and Rhythms, aligned within our Solar System,  you begin to ebb and flow in health and wellbeing. You can organise your Annual, Seasonal, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Rhythms and Cycles into a dynamic, synchronised balance of Harmony.  you remove the pressures and stresses of disconnected timeframes as you relocate yourselves into Connected Flow.


The Path of Yumm Awakens your Orgasmic Nature through your Feminine Sexuality. Discovering the Empowered BeautyWay of Orgasmic Delight as a Natural State of Being is an extraordinary Gifting to Self and Heart. Discover a New Language of Sensuality, Pleasure, Nurturance, Nourishment, Support, Protection and Connection through the Power of your Yoni and the Majik of your Water Dreaming. This is a deeply Healing and Empowering Journey into the Path of Yumm.

(4 week Sacred Journey)

The Blood Mysteries honour the Sacred Mystery, Power and Ritual of Healthy Menstruation. How to Embrace and Celebrate your BloodSong beyond pain and suffering, Empowers your Feminine into Health and Wellbeing. Embracing the Cycles and Rhythms of your WombSong throughout your Monthly flow is our BirthRite of Belonging, within our heart, our womb, our emotionality and our wholeness.

with Carmen Vicente
This 17 month Sacred Journey into the Mystery of the Womb is one of the most profound Gifts of Belonging. Directed by Chief of the MoonDance, Ecuadorian Elder and WisdomKeeper Carmen Vicente you have the opportunity to fully Embody into the Mystery and Power of Being Woman. This Sacred Journey is accessed directly through the School of Secrets.