Sovereignty embodies within the Wisdom of Awareness through the Indigo Dreaming. Knowledge is Claimed, Wisdom is Charged, the Third-Eye Awakens, Seeing Clearly. The Sovereign establishes clear Boundaries throughout Her Living Field in which SHe is in Charge of Her Vital Connection.

Personal Boundaries, Familial Boundaries and Community Boundaries establish a Safe threshold in which SHe is able to celebrate a vital engagement of Creativity, Passion, Awareness, Beauty, Health and Belonging in Good Relating. Sovereignty Aligns with the Empress/Queen Archetype. I prefer Sovereignty as an Archetypal reference due to the neutrality of Power. Sovereignty celebrates a New Charge, a New Command, a New Form of Governance. Sovereignty also culminates with the Maturity of Menopause. I do believe we can begin Practicing Sovereignty  from the Virgin Dreaming of Teenagehood and become well versed within it by the time the Children leave home and Menopause is Celebrated.


Personal Boundaries welcomes a Private Space for Communion with the vertical aspect of Divine Connection; Source Above, Source Below through Source Within. This is a Sacred Space of your own (a Room, a Bed, an Altar, Yoga Mat, Garden). Here is Private Space for you to Retreat into whenever regrouping, resting or reconnection is required. 


 Familial Boundaries are welcomed in at Home, celebrating a distribution of domestic duties for all who share Home together. Partners, Husbands and Children over the age of 3yrs (age responsive) are welcomed into tending for the family HomeSpace. Boundaries support healthy relationships and offer Safe Space for the Beloved to grow, celebrate and reside within. This is a VERY important Space we Live, Learn and Grow within. Domestic Chores are Shared so that Home Life is Respected and Cared for throughout. It is important for Male Partners and Children to realise the work involved with Caring for all that is Home as well as becoming proficient in laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taxi-ing and budgets.  Home Space is Celebrated with invite only for family and friends. 


Community Boundaries govern work and social Practice. Becoming aware how valuable your Time and Energy is, becomes the defining factor to remain Vital and Healthy. Discernment as to What is Your Business and What is Not Your Business is extremely helpful. Focus only on What is Your Business. Everything that is Not Your Business, do not bother with! Others love dumping their dramas, energy, frustrations and depletions into your field if available, depleting you of vitality whenever possible. Wherever there is a leak of energy, there will be a sucker more than happy to receive your energy. Creating Clear Boundaries by becoming discerning with Where you Place your energy and Why, is Foundational in remaining healthy and vital throughout each day. 

Creating an Infinity Flow between Personal Space, Community Space via the Beloved Space of Home each day, each week, each month, each season,  is a wonderful way to establish a new Harmony, Health and Vitality from Clear Boundaries that Celebrate Care on every level, as a dynamic, healthy and respectful Lifestyle choice.


It is Vital that that we have a room of our own in which to Honour, Connect and Feel the nuances of our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Living. We require a Sacred Space in which we can Practice our Connection through our Hearts. This is a Private Space that we can touch in with our Body and Heart at least 4 times a week and especially Monthly when we are in our WombSong/ MoonTime/ Menstruation. This is also the Space to Honour our Lunar Connections with Altars on the New and Full Moon. Here is Our Space for Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Dance, Roaring, Healing, Creativity, Rest and Privacy. I recommend that the guest room is claimed as a Sacred WombSpace with all the Beauty and Magic that is required. Guests can share this Space when visiting, with special Tools being put away whilst the visitor visits. It is also Vital that our Children, Beloveds and Family experience the Sacred Mystery and Power that is the Divine Feminine, and that we have the courage to Claim what is Rightfully Our Fundamental Health and Wellbeing. We are the first generation of Women( especially here is Australia) who have the capacity to choose this without dire consequences. Choose this Power and Freedom through Love, Beauty and Integrity and all will be well. Blessings Dear Sisters as we Claim our personal and collective Sacred Space for our Feminine Heart and Health!  This is Your Personal Heart Business! It is Private! It is Sacred! It is full of Love and Beauty! It is Yours to Design.

The other Option is Not Good Enough!?