The Yoni Matrix: Cycles of the Womb


The Yoni Matrix is a Map of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Cycles of the Womb within our New Paradigm of Gaia Consciousness. If you are born within a female body with breasts, a womb, vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries, you will experience an evolution of your feminine body through the embodiment of your endocrine system affected by the state of your womb. The feminine body evolves through ten stages of development from conception to death, with each stage of development affecting a very specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience for that specific phase of life. The old paradigm of Women’s Mysteries placed the feminine within the three archetypal phases of Maiden, Mother and Crone. I have evolved this to a more inclusive and contemporary reference point defined from the biological evolution of the feminine body and psyche, so that all women can connect to a place of belonging that is inspired within themselves. So many contemporary women are not a maiden, mother or crone and therefore do not have a sense of belonging within the cultural framework of the Sacred Feminine. By evolving this cultural framework I have created a more inclusive Map of Belonging which is at the heart of Feminine Health and the Third Wave of Feminism that we find ourselves within at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The ten Faces of the Yoni Matrix are directly connected to the lunar cycle, as the feminine body and psyche are directly affected by the cycles of the moon. The Yang Principle (masculine) is affected by the Solar rhythms, the sun and is regulated, similar, singular, reliable and light. The Yang principle is physical, simple, ordered, rising with the dawn, setting at dusk and can hold the same regular rhythm daily, for the whole year. The Yin Principle (feminine) is affected by the Lunar  rhythms, the moon and is complex, cyclical, changeable, rhythmic and holds the full spectrum of the polarity fields from dark to light. The Yin Principle is emotional and changes every three days revealing a new face according to the elemental tone of the lunar astrology. Changeable and complex, deeply affected by the environment and the nuances of energies directed by her endocrine system, mysterious and wild. Finding a Sacred Practice that supports the cycles of the womb and the Sacred Feminine is a very supportive tool to inspire a centring of heart connection within this new paradigm and feminine empowerment. Coming out of a 2000 year patriarchy requires a more sustaining reference point of connection to body, mind and spirit. Conception, Birth, Menache, Motherhood, Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-menopause, Elder, Death, Ancestry are the ten stages of growth of the feminine womb cycle. I have defined these as specific archetypes of the Sacred Feminine as the Essence, Maiden, Virgin, Syberite, Mother, Diviner, Sovereign, Elder, BoneMother and Ancestor Dreaming. I refer to Dreaming, as a state of conscious experience in full connection beyond the ego mind. This is an energetic interface with life through a multi-dimensional and multi-facetted experience, translated as a personal experience, conscious.

I have translated each phase of the Yoni Matrix through a variety of reflections that come from giftings and medicines of Gaia. I offer this as a way to learn about a variety of Sacred Wisdoms and Healing modalities to add to your Sacred Toolkit.  This is the Way of the Feminine. You get a multi-facetted reflection that you centre yourself within it, according to what resonates with your inspiration and passion. We will be exploring the Sacred Beauty Way through the Yoni Matrix, Lunar Wisdom, Goddess Mythology, Crystal Wisdom and Native Plant Essences, and how each supports the other in connection. This matrix effects both the feminine and masculine principles and supports a wholistic development of human experience embodied.

Essence Dreaming - New Moon - Conception

Child Dreaming - Crescent New Moon - Birth and Childhood

Virgin Dreaming - First Quarter Moon - Menarche and Blood Mysteries

Syberite Dreaming-Waxing Gibbous Moon - Sacred Sexuality, Warrior and Pleasure Seeker

Mother/Father Dreaming - Full Moon - Birth, Children and Home

Diviner Dreaming - Waning Disseminating Moon - Spiritual Awakening

Sovereign Dreaming - Last Quarter Moon - Power, Wealth and Beauty

Elder Dreaming - Waning Balsamic Moon - Teacher

Bone Mother Dreaming - Dark Moon - Death

Ancestor Dreaming - No Moon - Spirit Connection

Not only do we cycle through the Yoni Matrix throughout life within the body, but we also cycle through the Yoni Matrix every lunar cycle. There are Sacred Rituals that can be honoured and Practiced monthly to support the health and wellbeing of our Sacred Feminine flow. This nurtures, nourishes, supports, protects and connects our complex state of being into a magnificent honouring and celebration of all that is Feminine within the Light and dark of her experience of woman. This has been at the heart of the Prayers of our Grandmothers, for us to find freedom of heart and belonging in being woman, alive and well. We get to rewrite our story and find a new empowerment of connection to our heart, our body, our cycles, our emotions and our Spirit through Beauty, Grace and Kindness. This awakens a Devotional Practice to our Beauty Way, honouring all of our colours, all of our contradictions and complexities, all that makes us woman. The masculine flows through these archetypal wisdoms monthly too. It effects their emotional field and their rhythms and cycles. It deeply supports the masculine to understand these Feminine Archetypal Wisdoms as it deeply supports an understanding on women in their life, who flow through these changeable states every three days.

May you honour your Sacred Place within the Yoni Matrix and Know yourself True.

The Yoni Matrix is a Seasonal Program offered by Luna Wood.