Transitioning into a New Business Paradigm

We find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty as all the security systems we have identified with destabilise around us. How do we tend to our Business within this time of change?  By understanding that we are in the midst of shifting philosophies; moving from an Ego-centric economy into that of an Eco-centric ecology, creates the need to transition from one form into another. 

ECO-CENTRIC ECOLOGY                                                                                  Eco-centric Ecology includes the health and wellbeing of our Holistic Business: Personal Wellbeing, Family Wellbeing, Environmental Wellbeing, Cultural Wellbeing and Economic Wellbeing.  The balanced wellbeing of ALL within the system is tended to. This is a Feminine Way of Empowered Embodiment whereby all life thrives within the system.  

EGO-CENTRIC ECONOMY                                                                                  Ego-centric Economy is a Masculine Way, hierarchical in nature which upholds a dominant power within the whole, while depleting all systems around through its harvesting nature. The Sacred Feminine becomes depleted while the Masculine grows stronger. This is why we find ourselves in the world we do at present. All the base systems feed the Leader at the top who holds the dominant power to the exclusion of all else. The hierarchies are toppling over into an independent interconnected web of centralised hubs. Intelligence, artificial and natural, is becoming the focus of our economies. What do we choose to do with this Intelligence that we each of us own?

BUSINESS WITH A CAPITAL B                                                                              We are beginning to realise the Power of our Intelligence and the information it encodes. We are being called to engage our Business within a whole new Intelligence. This becomes Sacred Business, Business with a capital ‘B”. This holds a fundamentally different point of focus that is healthier, happier, sustainable and more connected. This Business tends to the conscious connection, health and wellbeing of all the interconnecting systems that create our Business, not just our profit margins and Shareholder gains.  Indigenous Cultures talk about “Proper Business” which supports and sustains the whole collective within a dynamic, sustainable, sensitive and healthy Culture. We are being called to evolve into a more mature and conscious system of CareTaking within our Living Practice, our Business.

 The Dalai Lama shared that it would be Western Women who lead the world into a new Consciousness.( 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit). We are the first generation of women to have the privilege of education, awareness, health, spiritual focus, financial freedom, adventure, technology and deep compassion. This is the holistic combination required to shift our planet into a New Cultural Paradigm. Many of these women are creating and tending to business in the hope of Freedom. This is the collective fuel to ignite a New Pathway. It is these very women who are tending to home, family and community while running their businesses at the expense of their personal health and wellbeing. This is where the Paradigm fundamentally shifts. We are being asked to access a very different State of Being in order to thrive.

 Having had the privilege and opportunity for supportive deep rest over the past 4 months in lockdown, it has become very clear that a New Way of Living is possible and the Time is Now to receive it.

What does it feel like to be financially supported with a basic income?
What does it feel like to not having to entertain all the people?
What does it feel like to be able to rest at home?
What does it feel like to be lovemaking during the day?
What does it feel like to be cooking and baking yummy food?
What does it feel like to be able to have private time at home with the loved ones?
What does it feel like to have time to tend to odd jobs, clarifying home and business?
What does it feel like to not be chasing the dream?

 This is a very strong Practice of containment and coming home to Self. We are within a Passage of Time that is completely unique. Nothing like this will present again in our lifetime. We are being supported to deeply reframe from our habitual nature, from our habitual business, from our depleted, stressful striving and driving. We are being asked to come home to new way of living that is more sustainable, quieter, loving and generous. What does it mean to no longer being in a fragmented, disassociated and disconnected living? As we witness the excess of our lives fall away during this quarantine period, we begin to rebalance and feel into how we really wish to be living. We have the Power to Welcome it in, Receive it and Live it. It is our Business to tend to our lives as a Living Prayer based on Gratitude, Creativity, Beauty, Wisdom, Integrity and Honesty.  It is our Business to establish clear Boundaries for ourselves, our family, our home and our technology. No one is  going to do this for us. We have full responsibility to tend to our Business in the Way that is healthy for us, our family, our home and our environment. Sustainability is the key for longevity and if we wish to be here for the long term, we need to reframe our living to that which supports the best version of ourselves. We are the Dreams of our Great, Great, Great Grandmothers. We are the Third Wave of Feminism and have the capacity to engage Empowered Embodiment as our Business. Personal Business. Collective Business. Cultural Business. We do have Freedom. We have Choice! What to do with the Power of our Choosing? How do we re-write the Story of our living Practice? How do we become our Living Prayer of Connection?

(written for Era Magazine Summer 2021 issue1)