Solstice Reset 2020

~Winter/Summer Solstice ~

This New Moon Solar Eclipse (Sun 21 June @4:41pm) aligns with Winter Solstice where we experience the longest night of the year, here in the Southern hemisphere. The Northern hemisphere celebrates Summer Solstice and experiences the longest day of the year.  This is the end of a annual cycle and the beginning of new one.


We are deeply within the Underworld at present aligning with the planetary movements, Journeying with the invocation of Goddess Innana, who is stripping us bare of all identities of we thought we were. 2020 is certainly revealing this paradigm shift. Goddess Innana asks us to question "What Shadow am I looking at?" She is the Sacred Wisdom of the Underworld inviting us to Embrace the Shadow we are facing before us. As She Journey's us into the Underworld, She enables our egos to become stripped of all our attachments and identities of who we thought we were in the world. We are being called to face all that we do not wish to see within us and we get to witness how this is being played out around us collectively. Surrendering into the dissolution of all notions of power and control will strip us naked, to become free.


This is a time for a deep reset, DREAMING of Self, our Home, our Culture and our Earth anew. This year, Winter/Summer Solstice falls within the Green Dreaming and Heart of the Season, bringing us into a deep state of Compassion. This also aligns with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, welcoming us Home to our Heart.


This New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse aligns on Sun 21 June and awakens through the Stargate of Cancer. This creates a "Ring of Fire" that aligns the Sun-Earth-Moon into a powerful activation portal that we will all be feeling the reflection of. This is a powerful time to rewrite our destiny. The New Moon is always a Conception Time, inspiring new beginnings and this one is amplified to the max.  As the Sun moves into Cancer, we are being invited to come home to our true nature aligned with the Earth. That which no longer serves us will be flushed up to be reviewed and rewritten. As we are in the depths of the Underworld with Winter/Summer Solstice, we enter deeply into the Dreaming.


Where do we wish to resurface personally, culturally and environmentally from the depths of this transformation? What does it mean to come Home? Where does this heart of ours live, thrive and celebrate? Are we aligned with our Heart Truth? Are we at Home on every level of connection? Are we free to be? With this level of privilege many of us are living within, what are we choosing?... and how are we giving back to this Earth, this Place we call Home? This is an opportunity to allow ourselves to receive true freedom of being, centred within Heart. We are being called to let go of the stories of the past we have become identified with that no longer serve a sustainable and generous future for all.

We can DREAM ourselves anew! We can DREAM the Earth anew!
May all Beings connect into a new Compassion of heart, aligned within the Heart of our Earth Mother. It is Time to receive true nurturance, nourishment, support, protection and connection aligned in Love. 

It is our collective Birthright of being Earthling!
Dream Well!