SisterHeart 13 Moon Sacred Journey (Seasonal Subscription)

SisterHeart 13 Moon Sacred Journey (Seasonal Subscription)

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13 Moon Circle 


As the Water Carriers and the bearers of the seeds of faith, we as women come together to activate a Remembrance of the vital role we hold in the collective cultural transformation. Grounding back Home in the body and the breath, we sit upon the Earth together in alliance and renewal, in Reverence for the 4 Elemental powers that sustain and live within us. Earth based Practice and Ritual Embodiment allows us as women to return to an anchored and yet fortified presence of Clarity, while nurturing a natural alignment with life and the course of collective evolution.
SisterHeart is a 13 Moon SacredContainer for Celebrating our WomanSong, the Sacred Mystery of our Woman's Way.  We are Crafting a Sacred Container over this year, for the Remembering of Who We Are as Woman; Vitally Connected, Alive and Well.

How do you Live an Integrated, Sacred Living within a Connected World? What does it mean to Be a Primal Woman within this World? What Sacred Practices are Required to Embody Your Living Prayer? How do you become the SacredWell within your World? Do you have a Community of SisterHeart to Share your Sacred Walking within?

Luna and Adya will be Opening a Sacred Container over this year, with the invitation for you to take your Rightful Place in Circle with us; to Craft, Nurture, Nourish, Support and Deepen our Community of SisterHeart. We will be offering Online and InPerson SacredPractice for Embodied Enquiry throughout this year, with a variety of Offerings to choose from, to Celebrate and Connect our LivingPrayer, Independently and InterConnectedly.

We will Craft a Sacred Container together for the 
Wisdom of our SacredWaters,
Emboding a Ritualise Living through AltarWork,
Shamanic Elemental Practices,
Ancestory Healing,
Goddess Alchemy and

This Membership to this Sacred SisterHeart Circle includes:
Moonthly 90min Sacred Circles  (13 Circles)
Moonthly 60 min New Moon Ceremonies (13 Ceremonies)
Seasonal Weekly Sacred Embodiment Practices through SacredApp



2 x 3 Day 8 SisterDreaming ~LandBased InPerson Retreats by Donation.

Private 1:1 Bodywork Immersions with Luna (3hrs/24hrs/36hrs)

DeepShapes~ Yoga of the Vital Woman  with Adya (6-7 April 6am-9am AEST) $199

GateWays~A series of Ritual Based Education with Adya ( 1 June, 29 June, 27 July) $199 per day or $500 for 3 days ( LandBased and InPerson)

13 Moon SisterHeart Membership Option Include:
$99 Moonth /
$288 Season /
$1111 Year 

Wed 27 March @11am AEST for 13 moons. 

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime. View subscription policy